Welcome to LC's Public Knowledge Base System

What would you find in this KBS

Mostly you will find Linux-related article in this KBS.

As a unix admin I faced lots of tricky issues in my daily work, thanks to whom I listed in credit, most of them get resolved properly. In return I decided to sort it out and publish them into this KBS.

I have initiated a topic - How To's, to explain some workaround with specific issues. Another topic called Baseline is in my backlog.

Another topie - Cases is being roll out soon. It will only focus on extremely rare cases that you cannot find any answer from Internet or Vendor support.

The article you see is selected and converted from my private KBS system, making sure a clear and short explaination of some tricky issues.

It would be my pleasure if you found something helps.

Why am I building this KBS

As less and less update from my blog, due to terribly editor of WordPress, I moved most of creatives to my private KBS.

Some article of my private KBS may contains sensetive data, including project information and business confidential hence a desensitization process is made to valuable articles, and being reformatting, I will public them there.


Without any doubt all effort of this project are credit to:

  • StackOverflow
  • Unix Stackexchange
  • Google
  • Random Blogs
  • Myself


Unfortunately in this stage I prefer not to being forwarded, amended of any of articles hence the licence would be BY-NC-ND.

It is due to all experiences are obtained based on specific platforms(RHEL 7+ mostly) and may not suitable for others that you are currently using.

In order to prevent any misunderstanding of derivatives from my articles please simply follow this rule.




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